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Key Achievements

December 2013

Digital Birmingham was successful with its application for European Regional Development funding for £2.290 million to support Digital Connectivity across the City and we will be announcing an exciting initiative for small and medium enterprises early in the new year.


November 2013

Smart Space energy dashboard launched
Digital Birmingham is leading the Birmingham implementation of SMARTSPACES, a three-year European funded project under the Competitive Innovation Programme's ICT Policy Support Programme, and aims to support the 'reduction of energy in Europe's Public Buildings'. The SMARTSPACES service will launch an 'Energy Dashboard' accessible via public displays on LED digital screens of the Electricity, Gas and Water consumed by three City Centre sites - The Council House, Council House Extension at Margaret Street and Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. These sites represent big buildings with a high resource consumption; and as well as access to the consumption data via the Energy Dashboard, users will be able to access generic advice and behavioural tips, all of which is geared towards improving energy related behaviours and meeting the City's 60% Carbon Reduction target.
SMARTSPACES is a consortium of 11 European Countries and 25 Cities including Bristol and Leicester in the UK.

October 2013

DISCOVER - Digital Skills for Carers launched the first version of the eLearning portal prototype carers. This offers students three levels of learning: how to find answers on the internet with many topics relating to health conditions as well as digital skills, connecting carers and how to use social networking to talk to experts or other carers, enhancing your care skills starting with a serious game in the Virtual Case Creator about falls prevention. This version is currently only accessible by project participants. To find out more visit


Digital Leaders 50
Annette King from Digital Birmingham has been nominated as one of the top 50 Digital Leaders in the UK and one of the top 10 in the public sector category by digital by default news. This is an outstanding achievement and recognises the talents that we have in the local authority.

September 2013

DWP Universal Credit Project and Digital Log Book
Additional funding was received by Birmingham City Council (BCC) to continue the Digital Log Book pilot as part of the DWP's Universal Credit Projects. One of the main aims of the project was to transform a customer's housing journey using a digital by default approach. Birmingham City Council in conjunction with Home Log Book developed a digital log book which is a personalised portal for a housing tenant which contains not only the information that they need to sustain and manage their tenancies but also information to help them with budgeting, employment, health, etc This portal has been recognised as a tool by housing associations and other local authorities as excellent and is looking to be sold as a commercial product. Annette King has been asked to speak on this project at numerous Conferences in Birmingham and London over the last few months and this has raised the profile of the City, with visits by Scottish Government, DWP Behavioural Unit and many other local authorities.

August 2013

Young Rewired State
Birmingham, for the second year running played host to the in successful Young Rewired State, National Festival of Code, a week-long hackathon culminating in a weekend of show-and-tell, talks and celebration at Birmingham's Custard Factory, with local centres at the BBC, Mailbox and Birmingham City University. This brought together over 600 hundred young people across the country, some as young as 5, many of whom have taught themselves to code from their bedrooms, to the social, educational and economic potential of coding.


July 2013

Future Cities reference group
Digital Birmingham became part of the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) reference group of cities that took part in the Future City demonstrator competition. Digital Birmingham is working with TSB to design the challenges of the SBRI call for Future City Solutions and the cooperation with companies. 10 companies can win £100k each for a feasibility study to then compete for winning £1m for a demonstrator project. Digital Birmingham will work with the winning companies that wish to develop new solutions for (open) data platforms.
The kick-off meeting takes place 13th November 2013..


Birmingham free Wi-Fi scheme launches
After lengthy and detailed negotiations, Birmingham's wireless concession has been awarded to Virgin Media Business and forms part of a plan by the Council to boost connectivity across the area, stimulating growth and tackling digital inclusion for over a million citizens. The easy to use Wi-Fi service will roll out for citizens and visitors to Birmingham from September and will be completely free of charge. There will be no usage limits so people can use the service for as long as they need to and will support high bandwidth services like video streaming or online gaming.


Digital Inclusion Portal
A digital inclusion portal has been launched by Digital Birmingham to support development of Birmingham Digital Inclusion strategy in partnership with other city organisations and departments. This provides a place where people can comment and contribute their ideas and case studies that will be pivotal in developing a shared strategy to contribute to the Government's Digital by Default agenda. For more

June 2013

Digital Birmingham is part of the Complex challenges innovative cities (CCIC) programme is a three-year project funded under the European Commission's INTERREG IVC programme. CCIC project focuses on the role of local authorities in medium-sized and big cities in driving innovation to contribute to Europe 2020 strategy goals for economic modernization and increased competitiveness. Best practice from the 14 partners from 10 cities/regions across Europe will learn from each other with the ultimate aim to identify where transfer of projects can take place.
For more information on the project go to:

DISCOVER - 'Digital Inclusion Skills for Carers bringing Opportunities, Value and Excellence' First Year Evaluation Review by the European Commission, Luxembourg - 19th June 2013. The DISCOVER project reached a major milestone at the end of March and celebrated its first year of activity; and as is the usual process with EU funded projects, the Consortium partners had to prepare for the first year evaluation review which was conducted by the European Commission in Luxembourg. Presentations were delivered by all 9 Consortium partners and focussed the review on the achievements of DISCOVER during its first year, which supported by the co-ordination and management processes.
The hard work of the Consortium paid off and DISCOVER achieved a successful first year review by the European Commission.


May 2013

Smart Cities Conference 2013 Amsterdam
Digital Birmingham was invited to speak at the European conference on Smart Cities providing an exemplar approach to Birmingham's development of a Smart City Roadmap. This European event brought together key stakeholders and cities to share knowledge and experiences around funding opportunities, implementing new business models and looking at innovative solutions to improve service delivery and participation, which provided a focus for further discussion on some of the key priorities for Birmingham in the areas of skills, health, energy and mobility.

April 2013

Next Generation Skills
The Next Gen Skills Debate, organised by Digital Birmingham and organised in association with Birmingham's Commission on Youth Unemployment and Birmingham's Smart City Commission, took a transformative look at how we invest in skills & enterprise as part of a digital economy. It kicked off the conversations with key stakeholders in starting to shape Birmingham's Action plan around the Smart City Roadmap focusing on skills, innovation and employment. For more

March 2013

Open Data Strategy
Birmingham City Council's Open Data Policy and Strategy was agreed by Birmingham City Council Executive Management Team. Through this strategy our aim is to provide regular comprehensive releases of public open data and support use of data to ensure transparency, economic growth and community / citizen involvement. We regard the introduction of a comprehensive set of services for the publication of open and linked data as a cornerstone in transforming the nature of public services. These include the policy goals of makingBirmingham a Smart City and increasing community participation in the control of local services.


February 2013

New Tenants go Digital
New City Council housing tenants are being given access to digital technology to help them prepare for the impending changes to welfare benefits and assist them in managing their new home. Birmingham City Council was one of only 12 local authorities that bid successfully for funding to undertake one of the Department for Work and Pension's Universal Credit Projects. New tenants are given their own personaliseddigital log book, which is an online portal that helps them to manage every aspect of their own tenancies online from bidding for a property, managing benefits, through to reporting repairs and simple to use budgeting tools. For more information, please contact

January 2013

Lila - Entrepreneurs and User Community

Digital Birmingham has been successful in grant funding as part of a consortium INTERREG bid. The project, called 'Lila - Entrepreneurs and User Community' aims to develop an affordable European user / market testing service for SMEs with an initial focus on the digital and green sectors as well as provide increased awareness of and aspiration towards entrepreneurial activity through engaging citizens in product development. For more information, please contact

December 2012

Smart City Commission Vision
This month, we launched the Smart City Commission Vision Statement which set out our strategic direction to position Birmingham as a leading smart connected city.
The Statement reflects the considerable support and input from a diverse group of experts representing cross sector international and local organisations. It will be presented to the Council's Cabinet in January for approval, and will open up the process for creating a set of recommendations and the detailed delivery roadmap in summer 2013.

We hosted a Future Internet event in December as part of the CONCORD project, to share knowledge of 'smart city' activities in the West Midlands and promote the Future-Internet PPP Call 3. The event also welcomed a presentation from the EIT ICT Labs highlighting opportunities for international collaboration. For more information and to view the presentations visit here.
Hello Culture 2012 was another big success providing a valuable insight for Arts and Cultural organisations on how to maximize value, audience participation and revenue from digital technologies. If you didn't get chance to visit or just want to relive the event the Round-Up blog is online or you can watch the video stream from both Day 1 and Day 2, filmed by partners Rebel Uncut.

November 2012

Smart City Commission
The Commission met in November for round table discussions on the detailed roadmap for Birmingham's Smart City programme. This focused on the leadership and governance structures, developing strong stakeholder engagement, hard infrastructure requirements, e.g. .Cloud technologies; open data platform and prioritising areas for focus. A report is being prepared for the Leader outlining the recommendations and this will be published in the New Year.

TSB Future Cities £25M Demonstrator
We have submitted our Future Cites proposal and Feasibility Report to the TSB, which looks at the added value that can be gained by integrating some of the city's many systems, and for Birmingham this is focused on the economy, well-being and mobility. Our thanks to all the partners and organisations, that have given their time and expertise to help shape our thinking.

Universal Credit
Birmingham successfully bid for funding from the Department for Work and Pensions to undertake a pilot for Universal Credit, which will work with new housing tenants to take a digital by default approach. Each new tenant will be given a digital log book which will help them to understand their obligations as a tenant and to increase their financial, budgeting and employability skills in preparation for the introduction of universal credit next year. Tenants will be able to complete information and access payment and benefit information online and will be given support through the recently established housing letting suites. For more information email:

October 2012

Discover Partners meet in Greece!
The first 2-day partner meeting in Thessaloniki was a great success. Over 25 delegates from 9 countries debated and agreed how to develop online learning pathways for carers based on the main theme "using technology to communicate and help you care". Partners agreed on their communications strategy and will start to use the Miituu video capture technology on iPad/tablet to collect carers' stories and for research. More..

Next Generation 2012 and Science Capital
Given our leading strategic thinking on the establishing Birmingham as a smart connected city, Digital Birmingham presented Birmingham's approach on how it is shaping the smart city agenda at the annual NextGen 12 Conference alongside the Department for Business Innovation and Skills. We also presented our approach, sharing the podium with IBM and ARUP at a Science Capital event.

September 2012

Smart City update
Digital Birmingham is now developing a consultation plan to get input into our Smart City strategy. It will also be used to review local needs and bounce ideas off stakeholders for the Future City Demonstrator bid. A series of events organised by the Council (Brummie Inquiries), Digital Birmingham and the business community will be used to engage with SMEs, citizens and third sector stakeholders.

Digital Home Log Books and Universal Credit
Local authority led pilot projects that will support people to claim Universal Credit have been named by Lord Freud, Minister for Welfare Reform. Twelve pilots, including one by Birmingham City Council, will run from autumn 2012 to explore how local expertise can support residents under Universal Credit, setting examples for other local authorities across the country. Through the Digital Birmingham team, the pilot will introduce a digital logbook of government services for residents and highlight those who need extra support with financial skills and digital literacy. The digital log book has also been used to record property information related to green deal, energy saving and warm homes.

August 2012

Young Rewired State Festival 2012 - a Success!
For the first time ever Birmingham played host to the YRS Festival 2012 in August, which saw around 500 youngsters under the age of 18, some as young as 7, challenged to build digital products and prototypes using open data. The winning apps can be seen here and Digital Birmingham is working with other partners to build on the event's success for next year.

July 2012

Birmingham's Smart City Commission is launched!
Chaired by Cllr McKay (Cabinet Member for Green, Safe and Smart City), the commission brought together industry experts and leading academics to help shape our thinking to address city challenges - an ageing population, rising deficits, a slow economy, increasing congestion, strained resources, which all necessitate the need for resilient, adaptive and integrated systems across areas such as energy, transport, health and employment to manage our resources more efficiently and deliver better services for our citizens. The Smart City Commission will be pivotal in establishing leadership and a roadmap to address ensure the city can deal with these future challenges encapsulating the opportunities of new and emerging technologies.

Council in Running for Smart City Funding
Digital Birmingham has submitted a successful bid to the Technology Strategy Board to create a Future Cities Feasibility Study, winning a £50,000 grant which will be used to develop a project that demonstrates the integration of several major city systems to deliver new services and gain better intelligence for future service improvements. The feasibility study will then be used to enter the bidding process for making the described project a reality. Birmingham will be one of 30 cities nationally bidding for the £24m Demonstrator project grant. The project needs to address major city challenges such as the economic situation and health & wellbeing.

Go ON Birmingham
Working with front line teams in housing and Adults & Communities, we have launched the 'Go ON Birmingham' campaign. The aim is to create 2,012 digital champions that will help friends, relatives and colleagues to get online and improve their digital skills. This supports the Government's national initiative with a commitment to strengthen digital capability and ensure citizens and businesses are fully connected and part of the digital economy, which is essential to our wider Smart Connected City ambition.

June 2012

Birmingham secures Smart City broadband future
The council has been given the green light from Europe to invest £10million to bring ultrafast broadband to the city as part of its Smart City programme - leading to better connectivity, falling charges and faster internet speeds.
Businesses in Digbeth, Eastside and the Jewellery Quarter, at the heart of the city's new Enterprise Zone, will be the first to benefit from the announcement, the culmination of detailed negotiations co-ordinated by the council-led Digital Birmingham partnership. Read full press release here.

April 2012

Digital training for carers of older people
Digital Birmingham kicked off a three-year European funded DISCOVER project this month. The project aims to develop digital skills training for carers of older people in cooperation with Birmingham Carers' Centre.
The project will work especially with informal carers (such as unpaid carers, family, and volunteers) to develop and test specially designed online training modules and Digital Birmingham will engage 100 carers in the Birmingham area to pilot the new learning materials.

March 2012

Chancellor announces UBF funding
Businesses in Birmingham received a huge boost yesterday from the Chancellor in his Budget speech with the announcement that Birmingham will receive up to £10 million from the Urban Broadband fund.
The fund aims to create Super Connected Cities that will enable the innovative, learning and creative sectors of Digbeth, Eastside and the Jewellery Quarter - read the full press release here.

Francis Maude launches Open for Business in Birmingham
The Team welcomed RT Hon Francis Maude MP and his Transparency delegation to Birmingham where he launched the 'Open for Business' Paper including a live link-up of his speech to Digital London's inaugural event, which positioned Birmingham as a leader in open data and building it's digital infrastructure.

February 2012

LEAF (Local Energy Assessment Fund)
Digital Birmingham in conjunction with Family Housing Association have successfully bid for £60,000 grant funding from Department of Environment and Climate Change to deliver a Local Energy Assessment Fund project. This will provide tenants with access to energy saving initiatives and home energy advice available through all digital channels, including digital TV. Using a digital logbook tenants will be able manage their energy consumption and financial budgeting helping to combat fuel poverty.

January 2012

A ticket to a smart connected city
Our opening stakeholder event proved exceedingly popular with organisations keen to understand more about Birmingham's ambitions to be a smart connected city and how it plans to address some of the significant economic and environmental challenges facing cities across the globe. Please click here to view the conference report.

Digi Smart

Digital Birmingham in conjunction with Coventry University are developing a proposal for submission to the European 7th Framework Programme Regions of Knowledge. DigiSmart - 'Smart Specialisation for Creative Digital Media regions' will seek to strengthen regional research and development in the high value added sector of Creative Digital Media in Europe, through enhancing the competitiveness of 4 regional based research driven clusters - UK, Ghent, Siegen & Malaga.

Stay Warm Stay Well

As part of Birmingham's Stay Warm Stay Well initiative funded by Department of Health Warm Homes and Healthy People Fund, we have been commissioned to provide information and tips on how to stay warm and save energy for vulnerable people using Birmingham's Looking Local Channel. This will ensure
that information is available to as many households as possible using a variety of digital channels e,g, TV, phone, smart phone, web, Nintendo wii, I-pads etc. It will also trial the use of an online property log book that will enable residents and landlords to better run and manage their home.

December 2011

DISCOVER - Digital Skills for Carers

Digital Birmingham has secured £2M funding from European projects that include DISCOVER, which aims to develop the digital skills of both informal and formal carers and the Smart Spaces Programme, which will look at how energy savings can be made in real time from public buildings such as the Council House and Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery as well as hints and tips on energy saving. Start date is planned for April 2012.

Looking Local

The Birmingham Looking Local TV microsite, has seen a huge growth this quarter, with most coming into the Jobcentre Plus pages (an increase of 80% since March), which shows the site is providing valuable support for job seekers. In this quarter the focus shifted onto the increasingly popular Looking Local 'Report It' app. The app is attracting the more digital savvy Smart Phone users, enabling citizens to quickly and easily take photos of, for example pot holes, faulty street lights and graffiti, geo tag the location and inform the City Council whilst out and about.

November 2011

Living Labs Global Award 2012

Birmingham is one of 20 cities from across the globe participating in the Living Labs Global Award 2012. Digital Birmingham has set the challenge for international technology and service solution providers to come up with innovative solutions using emerging technologies to look at how the city can generate energy capturing the many waste food streams that exist across the city (such as from markets, hotels, schools, restaurants, canteen and domestic households) and therefore reduce the amount sent to landfill.

Digital Week

The city celebrated a successful 'Digital Week' in November that brought together partners across the city to showcase digital innovations, technologies and applications and in doing so facilitating greater cross sector collaboration and awareness of achieving success in a digital economy.

October 2011

Birmingham Civic Dashboard

The Nesta funded Birmingham Civic Dashboard co-developed by Digital Birmingham and digital production company Mudlark went live in October and is the first UK project combining public data and civil engagement. Interest has been received by other authorities as well as attracting comments direct to the site. Usage will be monitored for future development

September 2011

Smart Cities Symposium, a success!

A Smart Cities Symposium in September has brought together strategic leads and key decision makers with international experts to stimulate exchange and discussion to progress Birmingham's Smart Connected City ambitions that will be key to accelerating Birmingham and the region's economic opportunities and growth. This is the start of a series of activities to deliver a long term vision and roadmap to enable a transformational step change in how we deliver services, do business and live our lives.

August 2011


A report giving recommendations on the successful web conferencing trial, Webex, which raised awareness of how holding meetings online can help to reduce officer travel, costs and CO2 was agreed by Birmingham City Council (BCC) in August. The project will now move into the next phase where Service Birmingham and the Council's Intelligent Client Function team will identify a long term solution for a formal roll out. Successful adoption of this type of system could see a 10% reduction in travel related costs and CO2 emissions.

July 2011

4th Generation (4G) Wireless Network
Birmingham is taking a leading position to accelerate the establishment of a 4G network across the City, complementing its suite of digital infrastructure projects.

Networking intelligent Cities for Energy Efficiency
The EUROCITIES NiCE FP7 proposal has been accepted and negotiations are now in progress. The project will directly support the delivery of the Green Digital Charter, of which Birmingham is a signatory. This will include development of a framework for reporting the ICT carbon footprint and including ICT related carbon reductions as part of the Covenant of Mayors and learning exchanges with other cities.

DISCOVER through to next round!
Our proposal for the EU CIP Call 5 which looked at "Digital Inclusion Skills for Carers bringing Opportunities, Value and Excellence" has passed the first evaluation and is one of two bids being looked at favourably for funding.

June 2011

POW! Comic toolkit a continental winner
The innovative "Keeping IT in the Family" initiative was named as the winner of the European Award of Excellence "City for Children" during a ceremony in Stuttgart. Led by Digital Birmingham, it was created as a way of bridging the digital divide using a set of comic guides to help children teach their older family members about how to use the computer for everyday tasks.

Executive Management Team (EMT) away day
At the recent EMT away day, Council Members and Strategic Directors were given a unique insight into technology developments and demonstrations to see how these could impact on helping to meet their key priorities and outcomes. This involved a number of our board members - Amey, Cisco, Centro, Birmingham Science Park and associates Medilink and Sero Solutions and we are very appreciative of their time to make this interesting and relevant to the City's leaders.

Open Data
The Open data policy, which sets a framework for decisions on publishing data online held by Birmingham City Council was agreed at last month's Corporate Management Team meeting. This policy will now be developed into a strategic action plan, which will enable a proactive coordinated approach to the publication of data sets and their use. We are already demonstrating the value of open data by creating new applications to support City outcomes such as the Birmingham Civic Dashboard.

April 2011

Join the Stakeholder Group!
This is a collaborative networking forum of member organisations that will debate, advise and share information on city wide digital development to maximise synergy, impact and beneficial outcomes (further information can be found in the Terms of Reference). If you are Interested in becoming a member, please email -The first event will be on 20 July 2011.

EU Bids
Digital Birmingham attended the launch and networking session of the European Competitiveness and Innovation ICT Policy Support Programme (CIP-ICT-PSP) in Brussels. We are currently leading on a €2M EU match funding bid focused on developing digital skills and competencies for carers as well as being a partner on the Digital Cities in Europe - Lifelong Learning Programme.

March 2011

Digital Birmingham attended the launch and networking session of the European Competitiveness and Innovation ICT Policy Support Programme (CIP-ICT-PSP) in Brussels. We presented Birmingham as a great partner for projects and have received a couple of invitations to take part in project consortia. These are being evaluated against our programme priorities. If a good fit we will offer to be a partner. These projects receive 50% EC funding.

February 2011

From 1st February, the Digital Birmingham Team transferred to the Development Directorate of the City Council.

January 2011

Birmingham's 'Looking Local' service developed over four years ago by Digital Birmingham, and part of a nationwide initiative to make local authorities easier to access is now available by iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, with the launch of a brand new free app. It is also available via interactive digital TV, PC, Wii, online and via standard web-enabled mobile phones.

December 2010

Digital Birmingham's office was taken over by local hackers at the weekend when Birmingham joined with more than 1,000 software engineers and other tech workers who met in 21 locations around the world this past weekend to take part in a humanitarian effort called Random Hacks of Kindness. The two-day competition gave software developers a chance to "hack" or ply their skills to solve problems that arise during humanitarian crises using publicly available web-based data to design software solutions to aid in disaster and crisis situations.

November 2010

Hosted by Birmingham City Council, the NextGen 10 conference in November, attracted over 300 delegates and 54 speakers. Focusing on the government's plans for superfast broadband and the new NGA projects in place, it also took an incumbant's view of NGA where the focus should not be just about the technology but also digital inclusion. For an overview of the event, take a look at Malcolm Corbett (CEO - INCA) video.

At the end of November we delivered the last of our four very successful Web 2.0 events. The final event delivered in partnership with the Chamber 'How to make money out of Social Media' - targeting SMEs, was a sell out event. Susan Hallam, Hallam Communications, the keynote speaker, placed a strong emphasis on the role of social media to businesses in improving their bottom line.

October 2010

It's official - Birmingham has been recognised as one of the world's 21 top 'intelligent communities' by global thinktank, the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF). Birmingham is the only UK city to be included & only one of four European cities to make the coveted top 21.

Birmingham's Hello Digital Week branded a success!

Attracting over 1000 delegates to Birmingham that included visitors from over 22 European cities, the week included live link ups to Edmonton, Seoul and Sydney as well as participants from the USA, Germany and Portugal through Hello Digital's Facebook page further extending the week's global reach. The week, which showcased the region's technological achievements against the best in the world, has been hailed a huge success and a reinforcement of Birmingham's place on the world's digital stage. The content from the live streaming activity for the Beyond 2010 conference has been archived and is available to view at:

September 2010

The Birmingham Civic Dashboard proposal with local business Mudlark has been successful in attracting £30K of funding. It will give us the opportunity to explore the practical use of Linked Data within a local authority, revealing local concerns and issues being raised through our Customer Relationship Management database. It will also enable us to make use of this open data to look at how we improve services to residents and involve them in the discussions.

A new service has been launched via Birmingham's Interactive Digital Television (iDTV) site enabling Birmingham parents and carers to apply for their child's Secondary School place for September 2011 electronically in the comfort of their own home, even if they do not have access to broadband or online services, using their TV.

July 2010

Warda Mohammed from Aston and Heather Hawkswood from Erdington were both given the opportunity to meet with the Prime Minister last week. Both were given access to a computer and internet connection through Digital Birmingham and Aston Pride related projects; Computers in the Home and the Windsor Tower Block.
As a single mother, Warda is able to support her family. She has secured work as an on-line interpreter where she assists and trains other Birmingham women to find work; Heather, successfully found employment and has been able to keep in touch and make new friends through the use of social networking.
Both Warda and Heather were invited to join a delegation visiting 10 Downing Street with UK Digital Champion Martha Lane Fox to launch her 'Manifesto for a Networked Nation'.

June 2010

The 'Keeping IT in the Family' extended project has been selected as a finalist for the National e-Well Being Awards under the Race Online 2012 category.

March 2010

Tenants of a Windsor Tower block in Erdington have been provided with free broadband and a recycled PC for a period of 9 months to see if it would increase their quality of life. Several tenants have found jobs as a direct result of having broadband, and those who have children have reported the value when using the connection for homework. One of the tenants has been chosen by Martha Lane Fox to become a representative on her National Digital Inclusion Advisor's Task Force.

December 2009

Why not take a look back at Digital Birmingham's highlights of 2009? Watch our video here.

November 2009

Digital Birmingham's website, designed by Birmingham based web agency IE Design, has won a Silver Award in the W3 awards judged by the International Academy of Visual Arts.

Our chair, Cllr Paul Tilsley, has signed the Green Digital Charter this month, strengthening the local authority's commitment to tackling climate change, outlining how information and communication technologies (ICT) can be a part of the global warming solution.

October 2009

Digital Birmingham, along with the Hello Digital Partnership and Birmingham City Council, AWM and the Arts Council, delivered the Hello Digital Business Conference 2009. To look back at the event, please visit

September 2009

Digital Birmingham together with AWM, Digital Media COG and Projects in Motion ran a successful workshop bringing together potential local television broadcasters, operators and television channel creators and news gathering agencies to debate the opportunities on potential collaborations for local television in the West Midlands

August 2009

Funding of £70,000 approved for a 'Digital Business Champion' through the Stimulating Demand package (BEDP).

July 2009

Keeping IT in the Family was voted runner-up for the Best Development Project Award by Nominet Best Practice Challenge.

June 2009

Hosted the successful regional launch of the Digital Britain report, attended by Lord Carter, Minister for Communications, Technology and Broadcasting.

Influenced the creation of 2 new award categories sponsored by BCC - "Digital Innovation Award" and "Online Campaign - People's Choice Award" - to be held in June.

May 2009

Birmingham City Council adopting ePetitions system, supported by Digital Birmingham.

April 2009

Launch of Citysave scheme via idTV in conjunction with Credit Union Ltd.

DCLG confirmed additional year of funding to the DC10 network - £238,000.

March 2009

The Digital City Network in Birmingham has gained £50,000 through the Growth Funding pot from Department for Communities and Local Government. A study will be commissioned to evaluate options/pilot for the deployment of fibre optic connectivity into areas of regeneration in the city. The project will be completed by September 2009.

Digital Birmingham has been successful in a bid to Central Government to develop a community of practice in the production of new digital resources for empowering citizens. £55,000 has been secured for the 2 year project.

February 2009

The 'Virtual Rucksack', an online resource for homeless people across Birmingham, was officially launched on 23rd February by the Lord Mayor - the initial concept was developed by St Basil's (a local homeless charity) and Digital Birmingham. You are invited to join the trial of the Virtual Rucksack for a limited period using the trial code: 'tryurvr2009' from here.

January 2009

Digital Birmingham is the winner of the "Building a Fairer Society through ICT and eGovernment Services" category at the National eGovernment Awards 2008, for the Aston Pride Computers in the Home Project.

December 2008

Monthly "Go Digital newsletter" launched, covering the Digital City brand. To subscribe, follow this link.

BCC Children's, Young People's & Families Directorate have achieved an additional £710,000 funding for providing technology into childrens' homes; Digital Birmingham contributed to the bid submission.

November 2008

Digital Birmingham chosen as a finalist in the "Fairer Society through eGov and ICT" category of the National eGovernment Awards (winners announced 20/01/09).

Birmingham chosen as Living Lab area and now part of the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL).

October 2008

Birmingham Shift Happens video produced by Digital Birmingham launched and shown throughout Hello Digital Festival.

Virtual Birmingham - b-scape and Birmingham Island launched at the Hello Digital Festival to over 100 strong audience.

Democracy Week (13-19 October) - Councillor information available on IDTV, a virtual tour through the Council House is available online and the Council Chamber has been created in Second Life.

September 2008

Digital Family chosen - the Locke Family. Now part of the year long campaign, using BT products to improve their digital expertise.

August 2008

Birmingham bulletin project handed over to BCC Corporate Communications.

Proposals for the virtual Library of Birmingham prepared for the Head of Libraries.

July 2008

17,000 computers are being rolled out to school children as part of the Birmingham 'Computers for Pupils', Universal Home Access project.

Virtual Birmingham's Briefing Hub has been implemented on Second Life.

June 2008

Launch of "Get into Digital" month - during June there were activities taking place across the city and online, e.g. tour of the i-house in West Bromwich, tour of Digital Centre at Matthew Boulton College, community blogging workshops, free Virtual Gym membership, a Day in the Life of the Lord Mayor (online web cast), and a number of competitions.

The European Framework 7 (FP7) environmental project regarding smart metering, known as DEHEMS has been approved. Digital Birmingham is one of 15 partners on the project.

May - June 2008

Digital Birmingham has a stand at the highly successful Climate Change Festival in Centenary Square, promoting the use of digital technologies to the general public. We worked in conjunction with Secure IT Disposals Ltd to highlight the recycling computers initiative.

April 2008

St Basil's won Microsoft Design IT prize for the Digital Birmingham Virtual Home concept.

March 2008

Aston Pride 'Computers in the Home' project is shortlisted as a finalist in the Stockholm Challenge Trophy. The Stockholm Challenge is an ICT for development programme at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). It culminates in the Challenge Week Event May 19-22.

January 2008

The Science city project 'LUCID' has received approval for funding by Advantage West Midlands. Digital Birmingham in partnership with Birmingham City Uinversity will be delivering improved functionality to birminghamfiz around location and context specific information.

December 2007

Presentation of Digital Device Winner. Launch of the Digital Centre at Mathew Boulton College.

November 2007

Digital Birmingham approved by the Birmingham City Council cabinet as a significant partnership. For more information click here. The Digiwali event at the Millennium Point attracted over 13,000 people.

October 2007

3000 free CDs with Open Source software given out through Birmingham Libraries following a launch event on 3 October.

The 'Don't bin it donate it' campaign to recycle old computer equipment attracted 220 pieces of kit and received excellent feedback from the public. More events have been requested.

September 2007

The free information zone, birminghamfiz, launched as part of the city's wireless launch, is available to view free of charge through Birmingham's wi-fi connection.

The 'Boogle snapshot' web-tool for entrepreneurs becomes available on the Digital Birmingham website.

August 2007

FP7 bid regarding health and independent living for the elderly has reached the 2nd round of approvals.

Voice of the Community, a free website builder for community groups
launched and attracts 199 registrations in the first 4 weeks.

June 2007

Our online toolkit of resources and advice for entrepreneurs on how to set up a business - Business out of the Box is launched.

Vox Pop studio up and running.

Birmingham Bulletin email subscription service launched to over 120,000 subscribers.

May 2007

Spotlight on Aston showcase event (ICT in Practice Transforming Learning) attended by senior officials from government, education, community services, health and associated organisations.

April 2007

Aston Pride Computers for Pupils roll-out to over 400 homes.

March 2007

The nine finalists of the government's Digital Challenge competition jointly receive £2m in funding to work together and progress part of their bids.

Our seven point Digital Charter agreed by the Digital Birmingham executive board and Birmingham City Council.

February 2007

Digital Birmingham celebrates its 1st birthday with interactive showcase event in Victoria Square to promote the benefits of digital technologies.

Digital Curve launched.

Smart surfers' educational resource launched at our public showcase.

January 2007

Digital Challenge bid submitted.

Official launch of The National Open Centre in partnership with Open Advantage.

DBemail, the free email account launched and promoted through out Birmingham city centre libraries.

Digital Birmingham is a Birmingham City Council initiative and part of a city wide strategic partnership of more than 40 public, private and voluntary organisations

eGovernment National Awards - Winner 2008