Digital Engagement Policy Presentations

19th April 2010

Last week I gave a talk on the Government’s response to the consultation paper on Policy options for geographic information from Ordnance Survey. This was the first of a series of three presentations being held on consecutive Monday evenings at Moseley Exchange.

Tonight, Michael Grimes, aka Citizensheep, from the Citizenship Foundation will be talking about the Hansard Society‘s Report on Digital Citizens and Democratic Engagement. The evening kicks off at the tolerably early time of 6.30pm and you can either sign up to attend on Eventbrite (just £3 for non-members), or just turn up. Bear in mind that if too many people turn up

we might not buy enough biscuits, so be warned.

The final talk will be next week when Stuart Harrison from Lichfield City Council whose subject is going to be SOCITIM’s recent ‘Better Connected’ report on council websites.

This is an excellent initiative from Michael, one I was happy to support with my talk last week and I’m really looking forward to what he has to say tonight. Do come, it will be fun. Well, as much fun as a policy discussion could ever hope to be.

And, late breaking news is that Michael has managed to secure the support of report’s author, Andy Williamson, who will be online to answer questions from the audience.

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  1. John Heaven Says:

    (It was because of the “biscuits” tag that I found this post, by the way.)

    How did it go? Lichfield City Council and the Hansard Society are both PEP-NET members, so I’m always interested to keep up with what they’re up to!

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