Nesta – Make It Local event this Friday

26th July 2010

We’ve been looking at the Nesta – Make It Local call for local authorities to release public data in a linked way.

Make It Local

Make It Local

“Make it Local aims to encourage collaboration between local authorities and digital media developers, to provide innovative, web-based services for their communities.”

Friends will know that this gets us very excited.

It certainly seems to have enthused a lot of other people too, judging by some of the conversations online and offline I’ve been having in the past week or so. And, having attended WMRO‘s excellent Open Data: Challenges and Opportunities event the other week I’m sure that the region is going to be entering some great bids.

I’ve floated the idea of an event to get likely bidders from the region together and people have been generally positive about the idea. So, Digital Birmingham are inviting anybody who is from

  • a local authority
  • a West Midlands based small/medium sized enterprise interested in developing an open data application
  • a citizen’s group who want to have some say in what might be built. Or you could be a citizen acting on your own

  • to come to Digital Birmingham’s place at Faraday Wharf, Holt Street, on Birmingham Science Park, Aston this Friday from 1pm onwards. We’ve set up an Eventbrite page so that we have an idea of who we are catering for in advance, so please do sign up.

    The aim of the afternoon will be to get people together to come up with some ideas about bids for the funding. But it is also about getting these three groups of people together anyway.  I certainly think that we could do with establishing links between open data types, both inside and outside local authorities, and representatives of people who receive public services.

    Personally, I am hoping that we can try and work something out that has a group of Local Authorities willing to work across boundaries and open up common data sets. At the risk of stating the obvious, the full value of Linked Data will only

    become apparent with an increase in the links that are made. In Local Authorities, we are often running similar reports out of the same database applications, it ought not be beyond our collective intelligence to come up with some common ways of creating some RDF from them.

    So, see you Friday? There will be chocolate biscuits and everything.

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