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Are all our children connected now? 21/07/2011

Over the past decade, and especially in the past five years, there have been a number of national schemes to help low income families with children to get online. The Computers for Pupils scheme started in 2006 and provided grants through local authorities. In Birmingham that money was increased by the voluntary donations to the Birmingham e-Learning Foundation made by recipients.

Over 20,000 families in Birmingham have received devices under the scheme.

Children with PDAs

Children with PDAs

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Next Generation Business Event – Connected Companies Make Money 09/11/2010

Invitation to Next Generation Business Event  – Connected Companies Make Money
Date: Monday 22 November, 2010
Time: 9.30 – 13.30 – FREE to attend with lunch included
Venue: International Convention Centre, Hall 4

Technology is developing rapidly. Nearly half of our waking hours are spent using media and communications. Broadband is the fourth utility and users’ bandwidth demand grows by 50% each year (Nielsen’s

Law).  61% of 15-24 year-olds use social networking…

What is your company doing about this?

If you are a business in Birmingham or the West Midlands conurbation already using email, web sites and the internet and want to find out more about the Government’s approach to Next Generation Access and what this means to your business, then come along to this free morning session and find out how you can:

1) Make better use of technology
2) Obtain the business advantage of fast access
3) Access a global market place
4) Afford the faster connections to enable you to be competitive in a digital age

This event is sponsored by Digital Birmingham, Birmingham & Black Country City Region, Business Birmingham, who are concerned about the area’s digital infrastructure (Digital Districts) and the take-up of broadband by businesses.  They are convinced that future business growth will exploit technology and require increasing speed of connection.

To look at the programme and book online, please click here.

Timetric: Letting you tell a story 24/07/2009

It’s taken me a while to write about Timetric after I saw Andrew Walkingshaw present their software with Emma Mulqueeny at Local Gov Camp last month.  Essentially, Timetric is a set of web services which allows you to do a number of nifty things with datasets.

Yeah, really.

As their name suggests their raison d’etre is “graphing, tracking and comparing the movements of data over time”. Which is a subject both interesting and, like a lot of statistics, much abused. One of the things that I really like about Timetric is that they reference the source data they construct their graphs from. More – Timetric: Letting you tell a story

Budget confirms broadband commitment 22/04/2009

This morning the Community Broadband Network came to Birmingham today with its roadshow to highlight the need for the UK to get to grips with the next generation of broadband access. We’re talking about a network where 100 megabits per second is the norm with the potential to deliver 1 gigabits per second (which will be the universal service obligation in South Korea by 2012 – yes, that’s what they’ll get as a minimum).

So I suspect delegates there may not have greeted with much enthusiasm the news in the Budget that the government has confirmed its commitment to just 2 megabits per second access for all. However, that’s not to say it’s ignoring the issue of next generation networks. Alastair Darling also announced funding for Yorkshire’s Digital Region project and there may be something in the £750m strategic investment fund for digital industries to get stuck into. More – Budget confirms broadband commitment

Digital Britain vs Creative Britain – FIGHT! 04/02/2009

It’s a year since the government published its Creative Britain report, the culmination of a long process of consultation with the creative industries. The publication was seen as a positive cross-departmental initiative that re-stated the government’s commitment to what is a significant part of the economy. A year on we get Digital Britain and in general, everyone seems a bit grumpy about it. So what did ‘Creative’ have that ‘Digital’ doesn’t?

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Next Generation Access 09/12/2008

Economically we are certainly living in interesting times.  One of the reactions to the current financial crisis has been a resurgence in Keynesian ideas of government intervention in markets as a way to avoid the worst effects of recession.  There is much talk of governments investing in civil engineering projects such as roads, rail and bridge building.  Invest in such infrastructure, the argument goes, and you prime the pump of the economy now and improve your competitiveness in the future.

Well, if we’ve been willing to build transport infrastructure like this before then shouldn’t we be thinking about using government money to build out a nationwide fibre optic network?

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The promise has been made 01/12/2008

In his speech to reignite the Labour party, Gordon Brown has revealed his government’s plans for a broadband internet access, software and computer scheme worth up to £300m, which will target disadvantaged families on low incomes.

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China is new broadband giant? 30/09/2008

Still yet to be confirmed it is widely anticipated that China will replace the United States of America (USA) as the largest broadband country in the world.

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The promise has been made 24/09/2008

In his speech to reignite the Labour party, Gordon Brown has revealed his government’s plans for a broadband internet access, software and computer scheme worth up to £300m, which will target disadvantaged families on low incomes.

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