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Innovation can encourage pessimism 27/02/2009

The Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics was a spectacular sporting event, no-one can deny it. China has set the bar extremely high for London 2012, not only in the way they hosted the Olympiad but also the level of sporting achievement.

The “Water Cube” was one of the busiest venues throughout the Games, and the attention that the swimmers created for the sport was none other than amazing - 25 world records were broken, 8 of which by Michael Phelps alone. However, there has been much discussion since the Summer Olympics ended that these world records would not have been broken in such vast numbers without the technological advancement in swimming attire.

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New Year, new…..? 07/01/2009

When it comes to digital technologies this statement could read in any number of ways. As is the norm at the beginning of any year, there have been many predictions on what will join the market next. This could be the next high tech smartphone, broadband package deal or connection speed; or how technology will evolve through public use e.g. increase of mobile phones being used to access the internet, 3D television or achieving a broadband speed of 100 mbps.

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China is new broadband giant? 30/09/2008

Still yet to be confirmed it is widely anticipated that China will replace the United States of America (USA) as the largest broadband country in the world.

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