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Making Open Data Real (2 of 2) 13/09/2011

This is the second of two posts about issues raised within the current Cabinet Office consultation, Making Open Data Real. The consultation itself includes a total of 26 questions. So these two posts aren’t intended to be a fully comprehensive coverage, they are just two issues that I think are important.

Last week I wrote about the arguments which can be made for and against the charging for access to public data. This week I’m going to look at the question of which organisations should be covered by open data legislation.

I’m going to look at this from the point of view of a local authority and will, naturally, use examples from Birmingham.

Bin City by Mil, on Flickr
Bin City by Mil, on Flickr

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Making Open Data Real (1 of 2) 05/09/2011

Governments collect and maintain large datasets. Instances of such Public Sector Information range from geographic data to census records to real time traffic flows. In recent years there has also been a move to provide open and unrestricted access to Public Sector Information by publishing it online as Open Data.

The Government has recently announced its Making Open Data Real consultation on Open Data. All of our main political parties have policies which are broadly in favour of releasing Public Sector Information as Open Data and so it might appear that there isn’t anything contentious in this.

Hee hee.

Open data stickers

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A Big Day Out – UK Gov Camp 2011 #ukgc11 25/01/2011

Govcamp agenda

I had a big day out down in London on Saturday at UK Gov Camp, held at the Microsoft offices in Victoria. This event has been running for a couple of years now and is billed as being a self-organised unconference for “government types with an interest in how the public sector uses technology”.

This might need a bit of explaining if you don’t know what an unconference is. Essentially, it is where the agenda for the event is decided on the day and there are no keynote speakers, just workshop sessions.

Anybody can propose and lead a session.

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The results are in 28/04/2009

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) released the responses this week to the Digital Inclusion Action Plan consultation that have been collated over the last 3 months. 99 responses were received in all, a fairly small number considering it was a national consultation – but that has not affected the amount of information DCLG and Paul Murphy MP (Minister for Digital Inclusion) has had to go through.

The resounding agreement of all to the consultation was the fact that digital inclusion is inextricably linked to social inclusion, improving one area would inevitably improve the other.

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