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EU Commission comes to town 14/05/2009

With our aim to be a leading European digital city in 2010, it is not surprising that we have developed strong links with our European cities to exchange information and collaborate on project work, debate digital city developments and exchange experiences.

Whilst we may have a lot to learn (and the pace of technology change means that won’t lessen), we also have a lot to offer and collaboration has got to be key here to get the best from technology and promoting greater digital inclusion. Already we are a member of the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) that was established to increase the global competiveness of European business, Chair of Eurocities Knowledge Forum and participate in European funded projects such as DEHEMS (trialing of a smart meter to assist home energy efficiency and change behaviour).

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Keeping on top of new developments 12/05/2009

Listening to the BBC Breakfast News yesterday, while getting ready for work, didn’t really tell me anything I didn’t already know. Is that because I am always one step ahead when it comes to breaking news? No, it is because I am working at Digital Birmingham!

Wading through all the information about the ministerial expenses debate, Bill Turnbull and Susanna Reid turned their attention to innovation in the terms of smart metering and intelligent transport – both of which Digital Birmingham supports in the local area.

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Government gets digital with new ID card 26/09/2008

50,000 foreign nationals will be the first to test out the new identification cards, revealed by the Government, in a bid to reduce illegal immigrants gaining entry, prevent identity theft and assist bodies such as the Police to identify people quicker.

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