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Marketing session at B.Strong 29/05/2009

Yesterday Donna and I delivered a session on ‘marketing your organisation’ for third sector groups on behalf of B.Strong, the stronger communities partnership. You may remember that I blogged about it a while ago, desperately asking for sources of support that I could recommend to groups when they are left to their own devices. More – Marketing session at B.Strong

Crowdsourcing: support for voluntary organisations 05/05/2009

I was writing an email to B.Strong today about how digital media can be used to help voluntary organisations market themselves and generally do whatever they do more effectively.

B.Strong (part of the Council) provides organisational development support and capacity building training to voluntary organisations and community groups and is putting on a series of workshops for voluntary organisations that support excluded communities, especially BME, Migrant, Refugee and New
Communities. Donna, my colleague, and I offered to help them include some training in using online tools for marketing in their programme following a meeting last week.

Now here comes the ‘crowdsourcing’ bit: More – Crowdsourcing: support for voluntary organisations

From ASBO to Teenage Entrepreneur 06/03/2009

Wow Media – truly a WOW … Birmingham teenager Matt Lovett has set up his own online marketing business called WOW Media, which is a collection of cash-back websites and makes its money by charging the retailers to advertise on the site, an inspired teenage entrepreneur who could be the inspiration for more Birmingham youth.

Swinging against the tide of current headlines about young people and their antisocial and criminal behaviour it is very refreshing to read about a local youth whom, even after a less than positive experience at school and failing most of his GCSE’s except ICT, has managed to turn his life around and at the tender age of 17 is running his own international company employing six people and with a monthly turnover of £25,000 per month … that can’t be bad!

WOW Media currently has 400,000 UK subscribers as well as 35,000 in Australia and 24,000 in Sweden and looks set to go from strength to strength – the website looks engaging and easy to navigate and smacks of a level of professionalism that belies Matt’s years.

With the current numbers of 17 – 18 year olds in Birmingham currently in education (or work-based learning) at 81% and the regional unemployment figures continuing to climb, due in part, to the current economic climate; the influx of young adults due to be seeking vocational support will increase come the end of the summer term and although dotcom start-ups have had a bad press over the last few years, this story just goes to show that with a bit of thought, imagination and a little business acumin … the worldwide web could be your oyster.

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