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Timely Information for Citizens – round up 12/07/2010

It’s been nearly a year since Dave Harte last gave an update on our Birmingham Open City project, and the officially supported part of the project is now over.  The Department for Communities and Local Government are currently evaluating the success of the Timely Information for Citizens project, which is where the money came from.  And, we also have a new government who are pushing hard on the open data agenda.  All of these reasons make now seem like a good time to reflect on what we think we achieved with the work we did.

A sizeable chunk of the funding went towards IT equipment.  So, we bought laptops, some Flip cameras, some microphones, a couple of digital cameras and a GPS device. These were intended to provide the capability for local voluntary and community groups to use for mobile reporting and to capture feedback from consultations. Most of this equipment is loaned to Moseley Exchange and has been used by a variety of groups, such as Save Moseley Road Baths, Resident University and the Friends of Highbury Park.

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Social Media Surgery in Lozells 16/07/2009

Simon Whitehouse, Dave Harte and John Heaven, all from Digital Birmingham, joined Nick Booth and Paul Henderson from Podnosh and Raj Rattu from Community Consultancy to deliver Lozells’ first social media surgery on Tuesday evening.

Local residents of varying abilities came along to find out about social media tools from to Flickr via YouTube. Some blogs were set up on the spot —,, and — so we’ll be keeping an eye on those to see whether they become regulars on the Handsworth & Lozells social media scene!

The Lozells social media surgery followed on the success of social media surgeries in the city centre. BeVocal is part of the Open City project, managed by Digital Birmingham’s Dave Harte following a successful bid for funding under the Department of Communities and Local Government’s Timely Information programme. BeVocal aims to promote the use of social media for civic good and to gather ideas for the tools that the Open City project should create from datasets released by public bodies.

We intend to continue with further social media surgeries in Lozells so that people who attended on Tuesday can come back and refresh or depend their skills and new people can come and satisfy their curiosity. Details will be on the Life in Lozells blog and BeVocal.

Digital Birmingham is a Birmingham City Council initiative and part of a city wide strategic partnership of more than 40 public, private and voluntary organisations

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