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  1. Digital recycling isn't just a virtuous alternative... it's the sensible one!

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    The following links should help guide you to some help when it comes to getting rid of your old computers and other electronic equipment and give you advice about other ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

  2. Secure IT and Service Birmingham working together.

    Mikey was created by Georgina, Cerise, Olivia, Chloe, Kirandeep, René, Karique, Shadé
    Mikeys creators

    It is the result of a competition sponsored by Secure IT and Service Birmingham

  3. These can help.

    Waste OnlineRefurbishing and recycling computers is an important part of a sustainable waste strategy.This link will help you find a computer refurbisher in your area.
    CRed imageWhat can your business do to lower it's carbon lifestyle. Lots of ideas and case studies on this highly recommended site. You can even download a Carbon Indicator for your business.
    Smart Planet imageJust what you need. SmartPlanet news on eco-friendly gadgets and energy-saving appliances.

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