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  1. Birmingham Fiz

    The Birmingham Fiz LogoLooking for information about leisure activities, news and support, getting about, jobs and lots more in and around Birmingham? BT, working with Digital Birmingham has created a free wi-fi zone in the city centre where you can log on and access all information instantly. Just look out for the Birmingham Fiz network in your network connections. See how the Digital Family use Fiz on the next page.
  2. Birmingham's Digital Family use Fiz

    The Locke Family took the opportunity of doing a bit of Christmas shopping. To help them find their way around they linked their PSP's and telephone to Fiz, the free broadband information channel bult by BT and Digital Birmingham. Accompanying them on their expedition was a reporter from the Mail.
  3. The CiTH Project

    The Aston Pride - Computers in The Home project (CiTH) has created a school generated wireless cloud over Aston. This model is now being duplicated over many other areas of Birmingham linked to the Universal Home Access (UHA). The video is 13 minutes long and outlines some of the CiTH achievements
  4. Shift Happens

    Name this city: more canals than venice; more parks than paris; more books than prague; more than 13 languages spoken; more than 300 years creating networks; world's first photocopier; birthplace of heavy metal; host to 42% of the UKs conference business; youngest city population in europe. After looking at the video please complete the The survey
  5. This is a powerful piece of video that explores if the internet is changing the way we are governed, or how we govern ourselves. See what you think.

    Us Now takes a look at how the internet's capacity to create new participatory structures that could transform governance and deepen democracy. Want to comment on it then go to the Digital Birmingham Blog


  • P1 - Fiz - The Connected City
  • P2 - Birmingham's Digital Family
  • P3 - The Aston CiTH Project -Connecting families
  • P4 - Shift is happening -to Birmingham.
  • P5 - Us Now - The future?

Digital Birmingham is a Birmingham City Council initiative and part of a city wide strategic partnership of more than 40 public, private and voluntary organisations

eGovernment National Awards - Winner 2008