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Digital Lifestyle Questionnaires

The aim of these surveys is find out about Birmingham citizens' access to digital technologies, use and attitudes and the difference this makes for everyday life in Birmingham. And as such, the extents to which citizens are empowered by their access to digital technologies. Areas covered in this questionnaire include:

  • General Access & Use
  • WiFi
  • Birminghamfiz (Free Information Zone)
  • birmingham bulletin
  • IDTV (Interactive Digital TV)
  • Civic eParticipation
  • Web 2.0 technologies - social networking

Digital Lifestyles: General Use & Access

Digital Lifestyles: WiFi

Digital Lifestyles: Birminghamfiz

Digital Lifestyles: birmingham bulletin

Digital Lifestyles: Interactive Digital TV - iDTV

Digital Lifestyles: Civic eParticipation

Digital Lifestyles: Web 2.0 - Interactive Digital Technologies

Digital Birmingham is a Birmingham City Council initiative and part of a city wide strategic partnership of more than 40 public, private and voluntary organisations

eGovernment National Awards - Winner 2008