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  1. Birmingham joins Second Life

    The first steps are in place to build a Virtual Birmingham using novel technologies and applications such as 2D Google maps and the immersive 3D world of Second Life that will showcase the possibilities for businesses to locate and promote themselves. For more details go to b-scape and join us in Second Life.
  2. The Council Chamber in Second Life

    The Birmingham Council Chamber in Second LifeA bit dark, but maybe the real Council Chamber is just as dark! You can now visit Birmingham's Council Chamber in Second Life. You will need to sign up and download the Second Life Viewer. You can the join Digitalbrum Zepp as he listens to the 'Big Ideas'. To sign up click on the image.
  3. The Hydrogen Car

    Conservative Shadow Minister for Birmingham, Andrew Mitchell, recently visited a the University of Birmingham to hear about the hydrogen fuel cells developed there that can power cars. They are environmentally friendly producing just water as a byproduct.
  4. Shift Happens

    Shift Happens - for Birmingham. What do you think. Click on the button below to go to the Survey.

    Link to the survey

  5. The Virtual Council House

    The link to Birmingham's virtual Council HouseBuilt between 1874 and 1879 and designed by Yeoville Thomason, the Council House is now a Grade II listed building, used for all Council and most Committee meetings. The total cost was £163,000. Click on the image to visit it.

  • P1 Birmingham joins Second Life.
  • P2 The Council Chamber in Second Life.
  • P3 The Hydrogen Car.
  • P4 Shift Happens - for Birmingham.
  • P5 The Virtual Council House.

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