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VIDEO: How to build and fly your own drone 23/07/2014

Personal aerial drones that take pictures could soon become a lot more common, thanks to a new invention. More - VIDEO: How to build and fly your own drone

VIDEO: Tech review: This week's headlines 18/07/2014

A smart contact lens that could help diabetics monitor their glucose levels is being developed More - VIDEO: Tech review: This week's headlines

Pitching Events 29/07/2013

Do you want to pitch to BBC dragon's Den and Pitching for Management BUT are nervous or need extra support to pitch? More - Pitching Events

Digital Participation Fund is here! 27/04/2010

The application form and guidance notes for the first round of funding from the Digital Participation Fund are now available for download. More - Digital Participation Fund is here!

Copper thefts affecting broadband 26/04/2010

Around 2,000 people have been cut-off from their telephone and broadband connections after thieves stole copper cable which provided their service. More - Copper thefts affecting broadband

Twitter's business development plans 18/04/2010

Twitter is more than a micro-blogging and social networking forum, find out more. More - Twitter's business development plans

Saving you the trouble! 16/04/2010

Digital Birmingham conduct research into digital policy, strategy and important news on a regular basis so you don't have to! More - Saving you the trouble!

Cloud computing 15/04/2010


Protect your smartphone today! 31/03/2010

Get Safe Online has released advice for smartphone users. Rapid growth in the use of smartphones, along with applications that allow web users to bank, shop and social network on the move, means that online identity fraud risks associated with personal computers and laptops are becoming increasingly relevant to mobile handsets. More - Protect your smartphone today!

Prof. Byron's Review 30/03/2010

Professor Tanya Byron has confirmed the UK as a world leader in child internet safety but advised that Government and Industry need to make faster progress in delivery if the UK is to stay ahead of advances in technology. More - Prof. Byron's Review

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