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Shift Happens originally started out as a thought provoking powerpoint presentation by Karl Fisch intended for a school faculty meeting in the States that looked at the technological world of the future and what that meant for the children of today. Entitled "Did You Know" a stylised version of this went viral on the web through YouTube and other social network sites and has been seen by at least 5 million people world wide.

Many variations on the theme have since then been made, and given the digital context that it was set in, Digital Birmingham rose to the challenge to create their own Birmingham Shift Happens video that had its premiere showing at the Hello Digital Festival and on YouTube in October. Birmingham Shift illustrates the significance of Birmingham's status as a leading digital city by contrasting its success as a leader in the industrial revolution (city of a thousand trades) to its role in pioneering the digital revolution that will in turn help to ensure Birmingham's economic success.

Take a look at Birmingham Shift and tell us what you think.

Email us your own 'Did You Know' facts about Birmingham past, present or future for us to add to our website page and be part of shift -

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Our Shift facts - what's yours?

name this city: more canals than venice; more parks than paris; more books than prague; more than 13 languages spoken; more than 300 years creating networks; world's first photocopier; birthplace of heavy metal; host to 42% of the UKs conference business; youngest city population in europe

1750: powerhouse of the industrial revolution (city of a thousand trades)
2006: pioneering the digital revolution - first patient wi-fi tracking system

1891: "It's terrifying how much the people here manage to achieve" (antonin dvorak, czech composer - birmingham visitor

1750: john baskerville -innovator and inventor of baskerville font
2008: bpm media - innovator and multimedia publisher

1769: canal networks open up trade
2010: wireless networks open up the world

1760-1810: steam engines revolutionise communication networks - boulton and watt
2008-2058: Speed of light technologies revolutionise communications - the birmingham fibre optic network

2008: "I want birmingham to look like this in the future" -fazila 6PR
2026: low carbon ecology footprint achieved -fazila gets her way

2008: 2 million litres custard consumed a year - annual sales £22M
2011: custard factory home to over 2000 digital media companies - annual turnover over £1.8 billion

2008: pizzas and council services available to 250,000 brummies - through their tv

1770: entrepreneurial 'lunaticks' change the face of birmingham
2010: today's school leavers are tomorrow's digital 'lunaticks'

2008: over 300,000 birmingham children are at home in the digital playground and 25%of 8-11 year olds have an online profile but 1 in 4 parents have no idea what their children get up to online and over 300,000 birmingham people are part of the digital divide and yet to get online

2008: there are 30 birminghams around the globe...there is 1 birmingham on the moon....and now there is 1 virtual birmingham




Digital Birmingham is a Birmingham City Council initiative and part of a city wide strategic partnership of more than 40 public, private and voluntary organisations

eGovernment National Awards - Winner 2008