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Some interesting views 17/03/2010

Rory Cellan-Jones is the BBC's Technology Correspondent. Here is an interesting post on his blog. More - Some interesting views

Birmingham to London in under an hour 12/03/2010

Key figures from the West Midlands region gave a united welcome to today’s Government announcement of multibillion-pound plans for a network of High Speed Rail (HSR) lines across the country. More - Birmingham to London in under an hour

The county's entrepreneurs 11/03/2010

The search is on for the West Midlands’ most enterprising cities, villages, towns and neighbourhoods. More - The county's entrepreneurs

National Digital Inclusion Champion in Birmingham 03/03/2010

Visit to Birmingham by Martha Lane Fox - Champion for Digital Inclusion on 3rd March 2010. More - National Digital Inclusion Champion in Birmingham

Libraries are doing their bit 26/02/2010

A survey has highlighted the extent to which free internet access is made available to the public in libraries throughout England. The research, conducted by the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) highlights the crucial role public libraries play in supporting the delivery of the national digital priorities set out by the Government and the Champion for Digital Inclusion, Martha Lane Fox. More - Libraries are doing their bit

Beyond 2010: Count down 24/02/2010

Beyond 2010 : Transforming Public Services for the 21st Century, is the first major event of its kind to focus on the potential for digital technology to help deliver wider access to better public services at a lower cost. More - Beyond 2010: Count down

Click Clever, Click Safe 24/02/2010

To mark Safer Internet Day on 9 February, the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) launched its ‘Click Clever Click Safe’ campaign to promote internet safety amongst children and parents. More - Click Clever, Click Safe

Green technology hub 19/02/2010

A unique programme to train 600 residents across the Midlands in Climate Change and installing green technology has been launched. More - Green technology hub

Innovation service arrives in West Midlands 17/02/2010

Manufacturers looking to become more ‘innovative’ are being urged to tap into a service that will help them develop new products, processes and unique technologies. More - Innovation service arrives in West Midlands

Social Media - What is it good for? 15/02/2010

When Cafelicious started our Digital Café adventure last September, we knew social media would be a big part of the experiment. I'm not quite sure what we were expecting to achieve. I've since learned this is a common experience for many businesses. Everyone says "You must be on Twitter!" but does anyone really understand why and what for? More - Social Media - What is it good for?
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