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The September Family

The hussain family

Meet the September family. There are only five of them here, you still have to add another son and a daughter to make up the Hussain family.

In the picture you have the mother and father Sham and Zabin and three of their four sons Hasan (11), Asad (15) and Zafeer (18). You need to add to this another son at college and a daughter at university studying for a computer science degree.

The star of the family is Hasan who is obviously the gaming king with a PSP, Nintendo and Playstation. Hasan recommends Soccer Manager as the unadmissable game. The loser in the family is obviously Sham who on saying 'I think I am digital' was received by a giggle from the boys.

Zabin readily admits to being terrified by computers before being introduced to them at a school based course where she was taught the basic skills with her child beside her. She now confidently uses IT in her role as a Children's Centre administrator.

The topic that they will be focussing on is Gaming. The top ten games. Is gaming oinline going to survive into the future? What do we do with redundant kit?


Come back soon.

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