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Serious Games Institute

Serious Games InstituteThe Serious Games Institute is a global thought leader in smart spaces. They enable and facilitate the growth of serious games, virtual worlds and connected industry specialists by supporting research and development into the use and effects of these products, platforms and technologies. They exhibit and showcase the products and services of our community of companies and academics. They provide business support and facilities to encourage, promote and grow businesses in this sector.

About The Serious Games Institute (SGI)
The SGI is strategically linked with leading computer games companies in the West Midlands. Companies such as Blitz Games and Codemasters are already publishing global titles within the entertainment sector and PIXELearning has established an international reputation for its development of Flash-based serious games for management training.

The SGI provides seamless links with its applied research team bringing high level academics inputs to the network playing a leading role not only at the interface between academia and industry, but also for test bedding and evaluation key outputs from research and development produced by network members.

The SGI has a particular focus on 3D collaborative multi-user environments such as Second Life, Forterra, Visual 3D and other games developments platforms, which can be harnessed for non-entertainment purposes. The aim being to explore the efficacy of immersive learning spaces to support effective learning and training requirements.

The support the SGI business community with mentoring, business advice and links to commercial markets. The SGI is a globally recognised centre of excellence for Serious Games and Virtual Worlds.

What are Serious Games?
Serious games involve the use of electronic games technologies and methodologies for primary purposes other than entertainment. The purposes include:
team building
social networking
opinion shaping

Virtual Serious Games InstituteWhy Virtual Worlds?
The Serious Games Institute is also involved in virtual worlds as a new dimension to the market for the Serious Games industry. They have their own island on Second Life, SGInexus, which features a business resource centre for meetings and collaborations virtually. An auditorium which allows the virtual viewing of conferences and presentations occurring simultaneously in real life. The Serious Games Institute is home to v-commerce and various virtual experiences. Explore the island and benefit from the business advice and seminars they run there.

Please visit their website to find out more!

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